Faculty Resident Co-Learning Curriculum in Quality Improvement

Many residency programs are committed to teaching QI to their trainees, but lack the faculty capacity to deliver a formal QI curriculum. The Faculty-Resident Co-Learning Curriculum in QI, created by Drs. Brian Wong and Kaveh Shojania, addressed this need by taking the innovative approach of teaching faculty and residents together, with the goal of developing a cadre of expert faculty who could eventually teach QI to others. The idea was that faculty could attend the curriculum, observe how QI was being taught, and then develop the necessary skills to become teachers and mentors themselves.IMG 0550

Based on positive participant feedback, the program saw rapid expansion from a pilot program for 3 subspecialty medicine programs in 2011-2012 to 15 subspecialty programs in 2014-2015 in the Department of Medicine, and three subspecialty programs in the Department of Pediatrics. As of March 2015, we have taught nearly 60 faculty members across all academic job descriptions and rank from the Departments of Medicine, Paediatrics, Surgery, Ophthalmology and Palliative care, and developed 8 QI teachers and over 20 QI mentors. The emergence of these skilled QI teachers and mentors illustrates both the positive impact that the curriculum has had from a faculty development standpoint, and its long-term sustainability.

Many of the projects carried out as part of the Co-Learning Curriculum have been extremely successful, and have been presented as abstracts at national (10 projects) and international meetings (5 projects). Two projects won conference awards, the most notable being the Presidential Poster Competition Award Winner awarded to the residents in the Endocrinology training program at the international Endocrine Society meeting. For more information, please see our brief report published in the Journal of Graduate Medical Education published in December 2013.


Department of Medicine Co-Learning Curriculum in Quality Improvement Curriculum Committee Membership:

Dr. Brian M. Wong (Curriculum Committee Chair, Course Director & Faculty)
Dr. Kaveh Shojania (Director, Quality & Patient Safety)
Dr. Jeannette Goguen (Director, Postgraduate Education & Faculty)
Dr. Lisa Hicks (Faculty)
Dr. Jerome Leis (Faculty)
Dr. Alexander Lo (Faculty)
Dr. Kieran Mcintyre (Faculty)
Dr. Rory McQuillan (Faculty)
Dr. Geetha Mukerji (Faculty)
Dr. Adam Weizman (Faculty)
Mr. Christian Base (Administration)