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PSI Caring Safely Research Grant

Congratulations to C-QuIPS staff and member, Trey Coffey, Kaveh Shojania, Joanne Goldman, Leahora Rotteau, Ross Baker, and Paula Rowland, and collaborators Marlys Christianson and Timothy Vogus, on their successful funding application from Physician Services Incorporated for their study “High Reliability Organizing in healthcare: Caring Safely at the Hospital for Sick Children”.

This qualitative study aims to gain in an in-depth understanding of whether and how Caring Safely at SickKids, an innovative and large scale hospital intervention focusing on high reliability organizing principles, informs patient safety culture and practices to prevent four types of hospital acquired harm: surgical site infections, central line associated bloodstream infections, pressure injuries and serious safety events. High reliability organizing is drawn from high-risk industries that have successfully avoided catastrophes despite their complexity. However, evidence around this organizational approach in healthcare is lacking. Using interviews, observations and documents, this study will explore how hospital leaders, healthcare providers and family advisors, are interpreting and practicing the principles of high reliability in the ‘Caring Safely’ initiative. The findings will provide valuable insights into the social processes and contextual factors that characterize organizational change for improving patient safety.

Congratulations to Core C-QuIPS Member, Dr Gareth Seaward!

Dr. Gareth Seaward, a core C-QuIPS member and a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist at Mount Sinai Hospital for has been re-appointmented as the Vice Chair of the Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health (PCMCH). Gareth has been serving on the Council since July 2016 as a member and is also Co-Chair of the PCMCH Maternal-Newborn Advisory Committee. The PCMCH is a Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care funded organization with a provincial mandate to support system improvement in maternal, neonatal, and paediatric health services across Ontario. PCMCH brings together stakeholders from across Ontario in developing consensus-based recommendations for the system, and generates evidence-based and strategic advice supporting the evolving needs of maternal, newborn, child and youth health care services in Ontario. PCMCH supports provincial coordination of planning and innovation for maternal, newborn, child and youth health care services across both community and hospital settings, and is a resource to the system in Ontario, influencing the delivery of services across all levels of care. More information about the council can be found on their website at:

Congratulations to C-QuIPS Members: Jerome Leis, Yulia Lin and Christine Soong on getting a spotlight for their QI work in the recent report by Health Quality Ontario.

According to a new report released earlier this week by Health Quality Ontario and Choosing Wisely Canada, Ontario health care providers are successfully working to provide and improve quality care by reducing unnecessary care to patients across Ontario.


This report showcased leaders that are implementing Choosing Wisely Canada Recommendations to Improve Quality of Care and featured examples of successful programs led by clinical leaders some of which are successful QI projects implemented by C-QuIPS Members:Dr. Jerome Leis on Using Catheters Wisely at Sunnybrook Health Science CentreDr. Yulia Lin on Ontario Transfusion Quality Improvement Plan at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre and Dr. Christine Soong on Reducing Unnecessary Sedative-Hypnotic Use In Hospitalized Patients at Mount Sinai Hospital.


To learn more about these projects and Choosing Wisely Canada recommendations being implemented by Ontario’s clinical community, click here to read the full report.

Latest News: Congratulations to C-QuIPS Certificate Course former grads for receiving Joan Lesmond Quality Excellence Award

Congratulations to the C-QuIPS Certificate Course graduates, Drs. Tara O’Brien and Sam Sabbah and their team on receiving the Joan Lesmond Quality Excellence Award from Women’s College Hospital (WCH) for their Acute Ambulatory Assessment to Avoid Inpatient Admission (5-Alpha) initiative.


The Joan Lesmond Quality Excellence Award offers an opportunity to highlight quality improvements and innovations across WCH that improve care and outcomes, engage patients and families, redesign systems and processes, utilize new technologies and/or support innovation and spread knowledge.


The Acute Ambulatory Assessment to Avoid Inpatient Admission initiative is a system redesign offering patients visiting the University Health Network emergency department rapid follow-up in WCH’s Acute Ambulatory Care Unit. These patients would otherwise be referred to general internal medicine (GIM) and potentially admitted to hospital, leading to longer emergency department wait times and increased costs. The 5-Alpha team was able to provide urgent GIM assessment and management to patients with acute internal medicine conditions in an ambulatory setting.


Congratulations to the winners!

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