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City Wide Quality and Safety Rounds: Wednesday, Feb 28th @ 12-1PM

Topic: Using Simulation to Inform Quality and Patient Safety Improvement Strategies

Speakers: Dr. Jordan Tarshis MD, FRCPC ( Director, Sunnybrook Canadian Simulation Centre), Agnes Ryzynski (Manager, Simulation & Curriculum Development, Sunnybrook Canadian Simulation Centre), Emily Louca ( Education Manager, The Hospital for Sick Children) and Dr. Douglas Campbell ( Medical Director, Allan Waters Family Simulation Centre)

Host Site: St Michael’s Hospital, Cardinal Carter 16-101.

Sites participating via OTN: CQUIPS and Sickkids: 525 University Avenue, Rm 630 St Michael’s Hospital: Cardinal Carter 16-101

OTN Webcast Link:

The use of simulation in health care has long been a tool for training clinicians across all disciplines. However, simulation also provides a powerful method for identifying system and process issues that can lead to unintended consequences for our patients and clinical teams. Across the Toronto Central LHIN many hospitals are embracing the use of simulation to unearth pitfalls and gaps in the systems and processes in which clinicians work in and then developing improvement initiatives to ultimately improve patient safety and quality of care.

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, St. Michael’s Hospital and the Hospital for SickKids have all focused on this use of simulation. During this session each hospital will share their experience with utilizing simulation as a tool to inform quality and patient safety improvement strategies.


  1. To learn about the use of simulation beyond the purposes of training
  2. To understand how simulation is being used to inform quality and patient safety improvement strategies
  3. To create a dialogue on how other organizations can utilize low-technology simulation to improve quality of care and patient safety


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