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City Wide Quality and Safety Rounds: Thursday, Dec 8th @ 12-1PM

Topic: Beyond the Checklist: Working to Advance a Culture of Safety in the OR

Speaker: Dr. Carol-Anne Moulton, MBBS, PhD, FRACS

Host Site: Toronto General Hospital, 11th Floor Peter Munk Building, Rm 190

Sites participating via OTN: CQUIPS and Sickkids: 525 University Avenue, Rm 630 St Michael’s Hospital: Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, Rm 211

OTN Webcast Link:

“Slowing down when you should” has been described as the transition from automatic to effortful functioning in professional practice. The ability to “slow down” is an important factor in expert judgment. Building on previous work that studied slowing down as an individual cognitive and social phenomenon, this talk will describe recent work that has extended the framework to explore team slowing down moments in the operating room. Two examples of team slowing down moments are the surgical safety checklist, and, as this talk will describe in more detail, intraoperative handoff. Making team slowing down moments explicit provides opportunities for both team and self-reflection. This has implications for continuing improvements in practice in order to advance a culture of safety in the OR.

Dr. Carol-Anne Moulton is an Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery, University of Toronto and Staff Surgeon with the Division of General Surgery, University Health Network. She is currently the Medical Director of the Operating Room in Toronto General Hospital and a Scientist in the Wilson Centre. Dr. Moulton’s research program focuses on understanding the complexity of surgical judgment, the development of surgical expertise, and underlying causes of surgeon error.

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