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City Wide Quality and Safety Rounds: Thursday, Nov 10th @ 12-1PM

Centre for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety in partnership with the Toronto Academic Health Science Network (TASHN) hospitals, are pleased to present monthly City-Wide Quality & Safety Rounds. The rounds will be hosted by different hospitals on a rotating basis, and broadcast through Ontario Telemedicine Network to all TASHN hospitals.

Title: Improving Care for Patients with Delirium

Location: Sunnybrook Bayview Campus McLaughlin Auditorium, EG-61

OTN Webcast Link:

*Please note: C-QuIPS Sickkids site (525 Univsersity Rm 630) has booked space for members in Downtown Toronto. Please join us here to view and participate in the live webcast Q&A*

Session I. Understanding versus Managing: The Power of Person-Centred Language with Responsive Behaviours

Care providers often use the terms “difficult” and “challenging” when describing a client presenting with the symptoms of disturbed perception, thought, mood or psychomotor behaviour (“responsive behaviours”). Language such as this is stigmatizing and contributes to a culture of labelling and blame.

A TAHSN Senior Friendly Community of Practice working group was formed to develop a shared person-centred approach for behaviour description that is specific, objective, and free of bias. This approach provides a foundation for written and verbal communication regarding responsive behaviours that can be used in hospitals and academic institutions across the continuum of care.

Mary-Lynn Peters, Nurse Practitioner, Trillium Health Partners

Deborah Brown, Nurse Practitioner, Senior Friendly Strategy, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Session II. Better with Time: A Team Based Approach to Spread the Improvement Work on Delirium Accuracy

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre uses the CAM (Confusion Assessment Method) tool to screen for delirium. Audits identified that compliance with the tool is 100%, however accuracy was low. The presentation will outline how General Internal Medicine through the Senior Friendly Hospital Action Program improved CAM accuracy using a team based approach.

Florence Wong, Advanced Practice Nurse, General Internal Medicine Unit & Level 1 ICU

Sarah Evans, Registered Nurse, General Internal Medicine Unit

Tanya Abji, Occupational Therapist, General Internal Medicine Program

Tina Sahota, Physiotherapist, General Medicine/Community Program

All Presenters are from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

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