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This event brought together C-QuIPS members, IDEAS alumni and members of the broader Quality Improvement and Patient Safety community who are actively leading or supporting QI and patient safety practice and academic work. This interactive event was aimed at advancing the quality improvement (QI) and patient safety agenda across the province by providing an engaged QI and patient safety community with opportunities for networking and professional development.

Held the day before Health Quality Ontario’s annual events Health Quality Transformation Presents: Quality Matters 2016, the Forum provided opportunities for networking and skills development, discussed the latest QI and patient safety research evidence and celebrated recent QI project successes.

We were also thrilled to have Helen Bevan (Chief Transformation Officer, NHS Improving Quality) as our keynote speaker at the Forum – she spoke about methods for spread and sustainability for change.

The day featured dynamic and interactive workshops led by experts in clinician and patient engagement, resource stewardship, using data for QI and audit and feedback. As well, the day featured a “hot topics” session on the key safety issues presented in the literature this year.

The day closed with a presentation by C-QuIPS Associate Director and Medical Officer for Patient Safety at SickKids, Dr. Maitreya (Trey) Coffey illustrating the key learnings from SickKids’ first two years of Caring Safely, their transformative safety journey.

Click here to download the Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Forum Program Brochure.

Click here to download the Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Forum Program Agenda.

Click here to view the Poster Abstracts selected for the Open Competition for the QIPS Forum 2016.

Please note: The Speaker Presentatations that were made available to the audience are below:

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