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QIPSF 2017 brought together C-QuIPS members, IDEAS alumni and members of the broader Quality Improvement and Patient Safety community who are actively leading or supporting QI and patient safety practice and academic work.

This year, we were thrilled to have invited Dr. Bryan Sexton, (Director, Duke University Health System Patient Safety Center) as our keynote speaker at the Forum – he spoke about resilience in healthcare.  The day closed with a presentation by Dr. Kaveh Shojania, C-QuIPS Director, and Dr. Tara Kiran, Family Physician and Quality Improvement Director at St. Michaels Hospital.

Click here to download the Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Forum Program Brochure.

Click here to download the Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Forum Program Agenda.

Congratulations to our Poster Award Winners!  Click here to view the Poster Abstracts selected for the Open Competition for the QIPS Forum 2017.

Outstanding Poster Award Winners:
Debbie Szymanski, Carol Philbin-Jolette, Deborah Hill, Natalie Carle, Maureen McClelland, Tanya Nixon, Kelli-Ann Lemieux, John Prieto, Lawna Brotherston from the NE LHIN for “Improving Access to Schedule 1 Facilities from the James Bay Coast”

Maitreya Coffey, Richard Wray, Shagan Aujla, Marilla Rapp, Rita Damignani, Lisa Fowler, Bonnie Fleming-Carroll, Lennox Huang, Jeff Mainland from The The Hospital for Sick Children for ““Caring Safely:” Comprehensive Implementation of High Reliability Practices to Reduce Patient and Employee Harm”

Honorable Mention Poster Award Winner:
Hailey Webster, Melissa Dizon, Jessie Ho Fong, Ross Baker, Jane Merkley, Ru Taggar, Joy Richards, Judy Shearer, Lianne Jeffs from Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto for “Exploring Nurse Executives’ Characteristics and Competencies in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety”

Outstanding Trainee Poster Award Winner:
Rabea Parpia, Patrick O’Brien, Avery Longmore, Lisa K. Hicks from St. Michael’s Hospital for “Is repetitive, routine blood testing associated with harm in hospitalized, non-surgical, non-bleeding patients?”

Please note: The Speaker Presentatations that were made available to the audience are below.

PM Keynote : Hot Topics with Dr Tara Kiran and Dr Kaveh Shojania 

To find out more about last year’s event, check out the QIPSF 2016 information below:

Click here to view the QIPSF 2016 Webpage and Poster Abstracts.

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